Thursday, September 3, 2009

Let's get hitched!!

Here we are outside of the Omaha downtown Courthouse with our marriage license waiting to have the actual marriage ceremony.

Michelle notices that our cat's love us so much, they leave reminders of themselves all over my clothes.

Here's the family that was in attendance. Jane and Lanny, Mike's parents in the background. Mike's Aunt Mary Anne McClain, Shiela, and Nikki, Michelle's Mother and sister respectively, in the foreground. We were waiting for my big brother, Jon, to come over from his work.

Here's my little bro, Clark, posing to let his wife, Alison adjust the camera for the difficult lighting of the courtroom.

And here we are waiting for the judge to make his appearance.

Hold the Ceremony!

Wardrobe Malfunction!! Now, everyone watch while Shiela fixes it, but don't offer any help.

Now, everyone realize that they aren't being any help and laugh about it.

Here we are about to married by the Judge.

After the ceremony, we took a nice pic in front of the Courthouse.

Part of the actual ceremony.

Allison took video of the actual wedding ceremony until the batteries on her camera ran out. Luckily, this was right when I goofed and couldn't put on Michelle's ring.